About Us

Travelers of diverse genders and sexual orientations are a prized demographic in some destinations, and criminalized in others, giving every tourism business an opportunity or a challenge in the LGBTQ market. Or both. HospitableMe helps destinations and brands define those opportunities and challenges, and strategize ways to address them.

For 25 years, HospitableMe has brought our custom content, executive advice and on-site training together with travel service providers and a global audience of LGBTQ consumers.

Our hands-on team is invested in your success. We stay with you through execution, and our clients typically stay with us, increasing their engagement year-over-year.

What We Do

Diverse travelers are shaping the future of travel in profound ways. LGBTQ travelers have been a highly profitable niche for many years — today they are even more important, as the way they are represented, welcomed and treated can brand a destination as modern, progressive and desirable to a much broader population of future customers.

As advocates for suppliers and consumers, our work starts with strategy to bridge where your business is today, to where it needs to be to welcome diverse travelers of all kinds in the future. With a keen understanding of the financial, political and community implications for tourism businesses, our recommendations are smart, creative, and actionable. 

  • Identify LGBTQ challenges, opportunities and market potential for your business
  • Create consumer-facing marketing and communications plans
  • Create action plans for destinations and brands that can’t openly market to LGBTQ
  • Leverage marketing, communications and training efforts to transform local service culture and increase welcome for diverse travelers of all kinds.

With LGBTQ travel related spending reaching US $211 billion annually, there’s great value in target marketing to segments of the community. And there’s even more value in leveraging LGBTQ marketing and communications to reach allies and younger travelers. Many of our clients have strategic goals that go beyond increasing visitation by LGBTQ travelers. We help create communications programs that share a broader message about diversity and inclusion to position destinations and brands as modern, progressive and welcoming. We develop content marketing that leverages LGBTQ voices to elevate and align discussion around new and lesser known products, services and attributes. And we deliver LGBTQ consumers through programs on our own media (ManAboutWorld), third-party platforms including facebook and LGBTQ media, and your own platforms.

We empower customer-facing professionals to engage with LGBTQ customers in authentic, intuitive and personalized ways. Our destination, company, and role-specific training provides knowledge and tools that enable

  • Understanding of LGBTQ specific issues and mindsets
  • Comfortable and confident connections with LGBTQ guests
  • Delivery of personalized, anticipatory service to diverse guests of all kinds

Our consumer travel-focused background is a unique advantage in understanding how diversity issues play out in real-world scenarios and building practical, meaningful competency among staff.  Our onsite trainings are customized to your specific service paradigms and delivered to small groups of up to 25 employees per session. Friendly, interactive, and emotionally resonant, our sessions explore how ingrained notions of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status have shaped service paradigms, and how stripping away preconceptions and bias allows more engaged and authentic hospitality for all guests. By helping employees understand LGBTQ guests, they become more inclined to engage rather than retreat from interaction with them.

Products + Services

Our strategy, marketing and training programs are delivered through a menu of products that can be deployed a la carte in any combination to serve the needs of your organization wherever your position, objectives or challenges are today. Flexible and results-oriented, we focus on working with your teams, building plans, programs and internal competence so your teams can continue to build on our success. Consulting clients benefit from our extensive network of industry contacts and relationships to foster partnership opportunities and accelerate success.

Everyone Welcome
Our signature educational program is an in-person session with our senior partners tailored for Senior Leaders, Marketing Teams, Membership Organizations and Destination Marketing Organizations. Everyone Welcome provides actionable education for participants, allowing them to define their opportunity, and understand their path to success with LGBTQ consumers and their allies.

  • Broad overview of the LGBTQ-market and consumer
  • Specific relevance of LGBTQ to your business
  • Language, service and legacy systems issues for LGBTQ
  • Global gender-identity trends
  • Best practices and competitive analysis in your sector
  • Recommendations and resources for further learning

Strategic Audit
HospitableMe evaluates the inclusiveness of your messaging and imagery. We report on how your brand relates to the audience, identify messaging that may be unintentionally alienating to diverse travelers, and highlight advantageous attributes. We outline recommended steps to make your customer-facing communications more welcoming and engaging for LGBTQ travelers. Our audit provides your leadership and teams with the necessary perspective to plan your engagement with the segment.

  • Review of consumer-facing messaging and imagery
  • Identification of product strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmarking against best practices in your sector

Market Analysis and Plan
Building on our Audit, this program takes the findings of the Audit, and builds recommendations and work plans from the recommendations. We work collaboratively with your team to leverage your strengths and opportunities, producing a detailed plan to position and/or promote your destination or brand to LGBTQ and LGBTQ-Ally audiences. Our analysis and plan provides a launchpad for your team, drastically reducing the start-up learning curve and accelerating your success in the market.

  • Everyone Welcome education for your sales/marketing/leadership team
  • Collaborative iteration of your marketing and communications strategies
  • Detailed plans for next steps
    • Leverage points based on your products, policies, marketing, reputation, employees, location, history, and visibility
    • Areas for improvement, benchmarked against best practices in the industry, with clear examples and guidance
    • Recommendations for short, medium and long-range engagement efforts
    • Response to political, social and competitive challenges
  • Introductions and referrals to potential collaborators, partners and providers

    Onsite Training
    Friendly, interactive, and emotionally resonant, our in-person training explores how ingrained notions of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status have shaped service paradigms, and how stripping away preconceptions and bias allows more engaged and authentic hospitality for all guests. Training audiences leave with new understanding of sexual orientation and gender diversity. They learn how LGBTQ issues are relevant to destination and brands in general, and how those issues play out in your specific circumstances. HospitableMe training leaves your people more comfortable and confident to engage with LGBTQ customers, and deliver more personalized, authentic, intuitive service to all customers.
  • Up to 6 sessions per day of 25 people per session
  • Certificates for all participants and your organization
  • PDF takeaway of key messages and resources
  • HospitableMe team on call in years 2 + 3
    • Live webinar trainings each year for new employees
    • Questions answered on demand
    • Monthly check-in call
    • Annually updated PDF takeaway of key messages and resources


Lean on our team as your internal LGBTQ resource. We provide ongoing assistance to your efforts. Use us as a sounding board, or engage us to complete a mission-critical task.  Annual contract holders benefit from our engagement on your behalf as we network in the industry. HospitableMe consulting insures that your LGBTQ efforts are expertly guided through planning, execution and follow-up.

  • Annual Contracts
    • Marketing plans
    • Training
    • Multi-platform content
    • Ongoing introductions and negotiations with potential collaborators and suppliers
  • Hourly Consulting 
    • Specific initiatives
    • One-off projects

Content Development
Engage our editorial expertise to develop LGBTQ content for your destination or brand. We have decades of experience producing high-quality editorial for OUT & ABOUT, ManAboutWorld, and some of the world’s most sophisticated travel marketing organizations. We deliver content that is relevant, fresh, engaging, inspiring, voice-expanding but always on-brand:

  • LGBTQ-specific and LGBTQ-inclusive
  • Short features to full destination guides
  • Passion focused with special emphasis on culinary, arts, outdoor adventure
  • LGBTQ-insider recommendations
  • Local LGBTQ-personality driven


HospitableMe has been honored to work with some of the most sophisticated and respected brands in the industry.

Ace Hotels
AIG Travel
André Balazs Properties
Atlantis Events
Berlin Tourismus und Kongress
Brendan Tours
Discover Puerto Rico
Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau
Greek National Tourism Office
IBM Corporation
Insight Vacations
Island House
La Cucina Sabina
Los Angeles Travel + Adventure Show
Luxury Gold
Marriott International
ME Cabo
New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation
New York Times Travel Show
NYC & Company
Oscar Wilde Tours
Out Adventures
Out In The Vineyard
Outings + Adventures
Provincetown Tourism
Provincetown for Women
Quiiky: LGBT Italy Tours
Red Carnation Hotels
Source Events
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Trafalgar Tours
Uniworld Boutique River Cruises
Visit Dallas
Visit Fort Worth
Visit Monaco
Visit Pasadena
Visit Philadelphia
Visit Phoenix
Visit West Hollywood
W Hotels
Wild Rainbow African Safaris



We’re always happy to talk about your business and how LGBTQ strategy, marketing and training might benefit it.

Pronouns: He/Him/His


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