Strategy + Marketing

As advocates for suppliers and consumers, our work starts with strategy to bridge where your business is today, to where it needs to be to welcome diverse travelers of all kinds in the future. With a keen understanding of the financial, political and community implications for tourism businesses, our recommendations are smart, creative, and actionable. 

Strategy goals:

  • Identify diversity and inclusivity challenges, opportunities and market potential for your business
  • Create consumer-facing marketing and communications plans
  • Create action plans for destinations and brands that can’t openly market to diverse customers such as LGBTQ+
  • Leverage marketing, communications and training efforts to transform local service culture and increase welcome for diverse travelers of all kinds.
Strategic Audit

HospitableMe evaluates the inclusiveness of your messaging and imagery. We report on how your brand relates to the audience, identify messaging that may be unintentionally alienating to diverse travelers, and highlight advantageous attributes. We outline recommended steps to make your customer-facing communications more welcoming and engaging for all travelers. Our audit provides your leadership and teams with:

  • Review of consumer-facing messaging and imagery
  • Identification of product strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmarking against best practices in your sector
  • The necessary perspective to plan your engagement with the segment
Market Analysis and Plan

Building on our Audit, this program takes the findings of the Audit, and builds recommendations and work plans from the recommendations. We work collaboratively with your team to leverage your strengths and opportunities, producing a detailed plan to position and/or promote your destination or brand to your desired audience. Our analysis and plan provides a launchpad for your team, drastically reducing the start-up learning curve and accelerating your success in the market.

  • Everyone Welcome education for your sales/marketing/leadership team
  • Collaborative iteration of your marketing and communications strategies
  • Detailed plans for next steps
  • Leverage points based on your products, policies, marketing, reputation, employees, location, history, and visibility
  • Areas for improvement, benchmarked against best practices in the industry, with clear examples and guidance
  • Recommendations for short, medium and long-range engagement efforts
  • Response to political, social and competitive challenges
  • Introductions and referrals to potential collaborators, partners and providers

LGBTQ+ Marketing

With LGBTQ+ travel related spending reaching US $211 billion annually, there’s great value in target marketing to segments of the community. And there’s even more value in leveraging LGBTQ+ marketing and communications to reach allies and younger travelers. 

Many of our clients have strategic goals that go beyond increasing visitation by LGBTQ+ travelers. We help create communications programs that share a broader message about diversity and inclusion to position destinations and brands as modern, progressive and welcoming. 

We develop content marketing that leverages LGBTQ+ voices to elevate and align discussion around new and lesser known products, services and attributes. And we deliver LGBTQ+ consumers through programs on our own media (ManAboutWorld), third-party platforms including Facebook and LGBTQ+ media, and your own platforms.

Content Development

Engage our editorial expertise to develop inclusive content for your destination or brand. We have decades of experience producing high-quality editorial for OUT & ABOUT, ManAboutWorld, and some of the world’s most sophisticated travel marketing organizations. We deliver content that is relevant, fresh, engaging, inspiring, voice-expanding but always on-brand:

  • Inclusive messaging from diverse voices
  • Short features to full destination guides
  • Passion focused with special emphasis on culinary, arts, outdoor adventure
  • Insider recommendations
  • Local, inclusive, and personality driven