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Diverse travelers are shaping the future of travel in profound ways. The way they are represented, welcomed and treated can brand a destination as modern, progressive and desirable. For Millennial and GenZ travelers, inclusivity is essential. Our strategy, education and training programs are delivered through a menu of products and services, customized to serve the needs of your organization. 

Flexible and results-oriented, we build a strategy that stems from your position, objectives or challenges. We focus on working with your teams, building plans, programs and internal competence so your teams can continue to build on our success. Our clients benefit from our extensive network of industry contacts and relationships to foster partnership opportunities and accelerate success.

Seven Secret Principles of Inclusive Hospitality

In development for a 2022 release, Seven Secret Principles is a new paradigm for welcoming diverse travelers. Through a lens of 13 forms of diversity/identity, we explore the common reasons why diverse people are often disrespected and excluded, and the simple ways to better understand, respect, include and welcome all diverse people. Built from our expertise in gender identity and sexual orientation, our new curriculum also covers race/color, size, mobility impairment, low-vision, hearing impairment, family/relationship status, neurodiversity, age, religion, culture and socio-economic status.

Everyone Welcome

Our signature educational program is available as an online Master Class, or a live session in person or online, tailored for Senior Leaders, Marketing Teams, Membership Organizations and Destination Marketing Organizations. Everyone Welcome provides actionable education for participants, allowing them to define their opportunity, and understand their path to success with LGBTQ+ consumers and their allies.

  • Broad overview of the LGBTQ+ -market and consumer
  • Specific relevance of LGBTQ+ to your business
  • Language, service and legacy systems issues for LGBTQ+
  • Global gender-identity trends
  • Best practices and competitive analysis in your sector
  • Recommendations and resources for further learning